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Church Wide Event -
Canaan Disciples to host:

July 20, 2012 – July 22, 2012

There’s a committee waiting for you.
 Sign up in the lobby after morning worship service, 
  or place your choice in the red box found in the lobby,
or click here to use our online sign-up form.

  1. REGISTRATION COMMITTEE - Pre- registration, on-site registration and Sunday morning logistic
  2. HOUSING & TRANSPORTATION - Gather information for hotels, motels, transportation local & long distance
  3. HOSPITALITY - Meet and greet our visitors, special guests and V.I.P.’
  4. SOUVENIRS - Explore Tee shirts, bags, handouts, shopping discounts, color schemes, etc.
  5. PUBLICITY - Create Flyers, posters, creative thinking literature etc.
  6. COMMUNICATIONS - Special Invitations, official letters to Churches, elected officials, media, etc.
  7. CULINARY - Work with various committees planning menus etc.
  8. FRIDAY NIGHT - Plan our first welcoming event.
  9. SATURDAY FAMILY AND FRIENDS OUTING - Plan a day of activities and fun
  10. SUNDAY AFTERNOON - Plan a Sunday afternoon festive event
  11. YOUTH LIAISONS - Ensure youth participation – This committee is for young people only (YAM’s age & under)
  12. DECORATIONS - Plan decorations for entire weekend
  13. BUDGET - Fund raising suggestions, maintaining our financial records, work with assigned trustee
  14. PRAYER WARRIORS - Praying for One Church – One Family 

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