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Welcome to the Canaan Baptist Church of Christ!! You are invited to join us Sunday morning at 10 a.m., as we Worship and Praise Our Lord and Saviour. We are pleased to welcome visitors from every corner of the world. When visiting Canaan here are some suggestions that will enhance your worship experience with us. "We attend Worship not for Entertainment, but To give our Worship to God".  


Can I make Reservations or have Guaranteed Seating?

Canaan Baptist Church of Christ does not take reservations. While we try to accommodate visitors, Seating is not Guaranteed.

Is there a dress code for service?

- Sunday service attire may be casual, but should be modest.

Can I bring a backpack into the Church Worship service?

- There is no coat/bag check available.  Due to space and safety concerns, Back packs and Large over sized bags ARE NOT ALLOWED!! 

What rules concerning Cell phones?

- Cell phones are allowed, but must be muted or turned off during service.
- Please do not make or take calls in the Sanctuary.

Are photographs and videotaping allowed?

- Photographs and videotaping service are not allowed. Only official Canaan photographers and videographers are permitted.

Is it alright if I leave my valuables at my seat while I walk around for the offering?

- It is strongly suggested that you keep valuables with you at all times.

Is food allowed in the church?

- No. Please consume food and beverages before entering the Church. While water fountains are available, do not take cups back to your seat.

Can I purchase a CD of the service?

At this time we do not have a store. We can sell a CD of a previous service, OR you can place an order. 


How do I donate to the church?

*  Please visit our donation page for detailed information about donations.

Who should I make my donation check to?

- Checks and money orders should be written to Canaan Baptist Church of Christ. Please indicate which mission you'd like your gift to benefit ( Capital Improvement Campaign Fund, Senior Center, World Missions or General Operating Fund. For tithing - include tithing number)

Can I give my donation to someone in the lobby?

- No, donations during services should be placed in an offering plate.

Can I mail a donation?

- Donations can be mailed to:

  Canaan Baptist Church of Christ
  132 West 116th Street
  NY, NY 10026 

Does Canaan accept Euros?

- No, Canaan only accepts US dollars.

We welcome your participation in our worship, and we hope that you will come again!

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