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The Sanctuary Choir 
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Canaan's Men's Chorus
Photo by Don Small

In the African-American religious experience, music plays a very important part in the worship service. The significance of our church music is rooted in the history of the slave experience in America. Our ancestors, as slaves, sang spirituals to keep them spiritually connected to the God they prayed to. Music was a means of survival.

Canaan's Music Ministry is vibrant and uplifting. It consists of spirituals, hymns, gospel, anthems, and prayer and praise songs. Every Sunday, just before worship begins, our prayer and praise team assembles to warm up the congregation and lift everyone to their feet.

Each Sunday you will hear the amazing voices of either the Canaan Mass Choir, the Male Chorus, the Sanctuary Choir, the Silver Strands, the Voices of Canaan (VOC), the Wyatt Tee Walker (WTW) Inspirational Chorus, the Young Adult Ministry (YAM) Choir or the Church School Choir, accompanied by a full spectrum of musicians. Our choirs are often asked to give concerts and sing at special events.

Canaan's Music Ministry is known all over the world and has a tremendous international following.


Voices of Canaan 

Music Depatment Highlights

Voices of Canaan recently performed at City Hall Breakfast Reception
honoring Martin Luther King on January 17, 2010.

Voices of Canaan with actor James Earl Jones.

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